Raziel is one of those really cool game characters which were developed in the last years of the nineties when 3D based games started to dominate the market.

He is the main protagonist of Soul Reaver a 3D Action-Adventure, the 1999 sequel to Legacy Of Kain: Blood Omen which made the previous protagonist, the vampire Kain to the main villain now.

The Legacy of Kain series did not see any new games since over ten years now while around 8 games were planned..and all cancelled.

Especially a Legacy of Kain game planned for the Playstation 3 and XB360 looked really promising and many fans were dissapointed to hear about its cancellation.

 The big joke is that we are going to get a Free2Play Online game called World of Nosgoth.

Square-Enix knows how to dissapoint fans and sooner or later it will backfire on them really hard i bet, they might end like Capcom, one of the biggest Japanese game developers once while there are reports now that they don’t have a lot money left after many bad decisions in the last years.


Maybe the game industry needs a wake-up call in the form of facing financial problems because some companies forgot who funds them in the long run? (Pro-Tip..not the Free2Play and mobile game players)

Also wow, i did not want to write a rant, but as an old fan of the LOK games i just could not control it ūüôā

Raziel Legacy of Kain Fan Art by_tealskullgon

Thanks for creating this great illustration of Raziel @ TealSkullgon!