Mad Deku Scrub Zelda OoT for Link's Blacklist

This is a Mad Deku Scrub from Zelda: Ocarina of Time and the third submission by the crazy talented Cakecrumbs from Australia.

 This is not one of the many drawn or 3d model based submissions for Link’s Blacklist but a Cake! in the form of these little angry foes which are a lot more aggressive than the normal Deku Scrubs.

In our third round, we put the focus on the many minor enemies of the Zelda games to avoid that all the bosses are drawn early and over 35 of these common enemies were created during June-September 2013 🙂

Cakecrumbs was a part of the initiative to get the minor enemies together and described her artwork with the following:

“This time I chose to depict a deku scrub. I chose the mad scrub variant of them because I love the autumn-ish colours of this type. There’s well over 100 sugar leaves in the piece. Each was hand cut, thinned, embossed and then painted with powdered food colouring. Inside is almond butter cake, covered in chocolate ganache.

This is my first time incorporating LED lights into a cake. For anyone who has played Majora’s Mask, you’ll remember the opening sequence where Link is turned into a Deku.

That scene with all the mad scrubs closing in around link and the final shot of the giant deku chasing him down is the most prominent scene in my mind. Those glowing eyes in the dark is what I think of when I think of Mad Scrubs, so I wanted to make this guy glow. I set LED lights deep into the cake and covered them with sugar glass.”


The Mad Deku Scrubs, often called just Mad Scrubs can onloy be found in Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, they are like Deku Scrubs but won’t stop to shoot Deku Nuts at Link when it is injured. MadScrub


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