Beamos Skyward Sword for Link's Blacklist Beamos Zelda Skyward Sword

 The Beamos ..a recurring enemy or trap in the Legend of Zelda Dungeons since LoZ: ALTTP. To the left you see our first illustration of the Beamos in Skyward Sword, on the right image you can see how Beamos looked in the game.

It is shooting a beam from its one eye which is constantly moving and Link has to be in movement all of the time to get not hit by it. Sometimes the Beamos are invincible, sometimes like this Beamos from Zelda: Skyward Sword can be destroyed.

And hell yes..i would love to destroy this Beamos Cake (..eating it!) created for Link’s Blacklist by the extraordinary Australian artist Cakecrumbs who surprised everyone last year already with her Furnix cake for our art project. Seriously, it is an honor to have so creative and talented artists being a part of fan and hobby projects like Link’s Blacklist. I see this Cake as a visual definition how creative and dedicated we gamers can be when it comes about showing our love for the games we love to play ūüôā


Cakecrumbs described her Beamos submission with the following words:

“The cake stands at over 40cm tall and is composed of one long cylindrical cake, with a rectangle cake on top. I carved a recess out of the rectangle for the eye to slot into, but the depth in the body was created through fondant work alone. This took about 50-60 hours all up. I don’t even have a concept of time any more. Every little piece is hand cut or moulded. I thought this would be a ‘quick’ cake but I neglected to realise how much was involved and everything took a million times longer than planned.

The part I struggled most with was those pipes. They kept falling off and I was practically mashing them on by the end. They’re messy and pretty much spoil the look of the whole cake.

The biggest pressure point for me was trying to imitate the electrical look. See, the blue part is all zappy and glowy and pretty looking in the game, which is hard to imitate in fondant. It’s also a significant part of the enemy, as it is here you are required to horizontally slash it with your sword to defeat it. I attempted to represent it by using a gradation of colour. I used powdered colouring and lustre dust and dry brushed it to make look brighter in the centre. It doesn’t look like electricity but it was about as close as I could get using food.”


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