We are going to feature a good handful of indie games related fan art in the next weeks to give this rising piece of the video game culture..and industry the due respect and space on Game-Art-HQ!


The start makes this illustration by Anna Earley, a contributor of our big Link’s Blacklist art project and also an professional American artist.


Cave Story (Dōkutsu Monogatari) was developed by one guy alone who worked 5 years on this “Metroidvania” genre game, just to release it for free on the PC back in 2004 in Japan.

Years later, Aeon Genesis, known for fan translations for multiple 16 bit roms translated Cave Story into English and back in 2010, it finally got a commercial release on the Nintendo Wii.

Its a damn fun game, as a big fan of the first Metroid Trilogy and Castlevania SOTN i am loving it and find it unbelievable that one guy alone can create such a game which can gameplay wise be compared with big commercial games.


Cave Story Art by Anna Earley



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