Ahri, the “Nine Tailed Fox Girl” from the League of Legends online game is quite popular among both the LoL players and artists who  like to draw fan art of video game characters. On deviantART around 100 images related to Ahri are uploaded there in a week.

I handpicked 5 from the many recent Ahri fan arts to feature them on this website.

Personally i never played League of Legends yet, but the character designs are often really outstanding. I tried to pick five very different takes on Ahri


The first featured fan art of the five was created by Nyaruku from California who is a big League of Legends fan and designed a Kitsune Ahri costume there in her drawing which could work as another skin for Ahri.

Nyaruku draws just for fun and uses Paint Tool SAI w/ Photoshop for her works.

Ahri LoL Kitsune Skin by_nyaruko

 Ahri league_of_legends_by_eddy_shinjuku

 Eddy Shinjuku from Malaysia was featured around ten times on Game-Art-HQ already and everyone who sees his illustrations of video game characters knows why 🙂 

I am glad that this guy participated in a Borderlands Art Contest we organized last year and later also in multiple of our art projects including even the MK Art Tribute. His take on Ahri in her classic design is just another epic fan art by Eddy. Used to create it was the popular Photoshop CS6 for the Illustration, Airbrushing, Painting and Post-processing.


Ahri Fan Art by_glass_owl

Glass-Owl from Japan is a self-taught artist who caught my eyes earlier this year already with his take on the Batman: Arkham Origins Characters, and his Ahri fan art is just another beautiful illustration by him. Visit his gallery on dA for a lot more fan art related to many other video games too!


The more anime /manga style inspired take on Ahri to the right was created by SnellSnail from Thailand and shows Ahri in a really cute light there. I love the many bright colors used there.

Ahri from League of Legends Art by_snellsnail


Ahri - the Nine-Tailed Fox  by_darkness_fallen

Darkness-Fallen from Portugal gave Ahri a more realistic look than the other four  artists, and also used Photoshop to create it.

Take a good look at the shading of Ahri’s skin color and the contrasts of colors used in this one which sets it apart from many other Ahri fan arts.




Hope you liked this little selection of the big pool of art made by fans about Ahri from LoL, if you liked the artworks, please visit the dA profiles of the artists featured here.



 Other related Fan Art of Ahri and the selected Artists on Game-Art-HQ which was featured here recently:

 Sexy Foxy Ahri Fan Art by_artgerm

by Artgerm

Batman Arkham Origins Wallpaper Art by Glass-Owl

by Glass-Owl

Ellie Last Of Us Fan Art by_eddy_shinjuku

by Eddy Shinjuku