Naughty Naked Snake (MGS) by_zombiesandwich

As the admin of multiple fan art related groups on deviantART and founder of Game-Art-HQ i am seeing 20-30 new fan arts by creative, funny, serious and talented artists from every country in the world..

and sometimes..i see some really..really weird stuff. Like Rufus wearing Cammy’s (Street Fighter series) clothes after i made a not meant serious comment there to an artist.


Or i see Cerebrella from Skullgirls wearing screaming in pain heads of Chun Li on her head.


Or..i see Naked Snake..also known as Big Boss from the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V wearing this very..unique outfit.

Like almost all of the weirder fan arts out there, there is a story behind it though, and its a pretty funny one too 🙂


ZombieSandwich, a professional artist who created this monstrosity there wrote up the reasons and backgrounds for this “Quit Snake” fan art and in this case its just the best option to let the artist speak for herself, so please follow this LINK to dA where she explains the whole thing!


I really love stuff like this, parody art on video games can be wonderful and crazy together…sooner or later we should have a contest about that theme.


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