Naked Snake Cosplay MGS by Rick Boer

Sometimes, female cosplays blow me away through their super sexy costumes and cosplays of characters like Skarlet from Mortal Kombat, and sometimes i see a guy like Rick Boer from the Netherlands cosplaying Connor Kenway from Assassins Creed III and think its awesome what they do.

And than there are these mindfuck cosplays where you are not sure if you see a screenshot or something from a big budget movie and isntead its again one of these crazy cosplayers, looking like the real deal. You can see an official render of Naked Snake there from MGS3 to compare the cosplay and the in-game character.

Thats what i thought when i saw this photo of Rick, cosplaying as Naked Snake there from the Metal Gear Solid series and i am not surprised this photo made the round in many cosplay related forum threads and some blogposts similar to this one here on GA-HQ.

Cosplays like these are the reason why this website is not only for drawn fan art!

Be sure to visit the dA gallery of Rick Boer and the websote of his photographer Cynthia Veekens