The Last Of Us is the currently newest game by Naughty Dog,released in Summer 2013 and exclusive for the Playstation 3 .

It is a survival horror game in a post apocalyptic world where a kind of a mushroom infected humans and changed them to real threats for the survivors in form of the Clicker, Bloater and other infected.

Beside the infected, humans are a threat to the two protagonists Ellie and Joel often too, in their world, everyone fights for food, tools, clothes and any other helpful items.

The Last Of Us tells an often emotional story which got millions of fans.

We are featuring these fans and their artworks here in this Last Of Us Fan Art Gallery on Game Art HQ




Selected and featured Last Of Us Fan Art:


The Last Of Us Remastered Art by Patrick Brown

The Last Of Us Remastered

By Patrick Brown

The Last Of Us Fan Art by Patrick Brown

Joel and Ellie TLOU

By Patrick Brown

The Last Of Us Ellie and Joel by_kiwa007

by kiwa007


by Omar Atef 

Last Of Us Fan Art by Julia Yang

by Julia Yang


by Cyanineblu


by Jessica C.

The Last of Us Art by Julia Lichty

by Julia Lichty


Last Of Us Joel Ellie Art by_bodzi0x

by bodzi0x

The Last Of Us Fan Art by by_alassa

by Alassa


by Kr0nPr1nz




Beside this gallery, we are also featuring the characters and enemies of The Last Of Us with galleries dedicated to them alone:

 We have the following Last Of Us Characters Gallers so far:

Ellie Portrait Art by Rashed AL Akroka


Joel Portrait Last Of Us by_gerry arthur


Bill from Last of Us by_sheridan_johns


David from Last Of Us by_sheridan_johns