The Last Of Us Remastered Art by Patrick Brown

The Last of Us Remastered, by Patrick Brown

As a big fan of Patrick’s works since a good couple of years now I am always looking forward his next video game related fan art, this is one of his newest ones and was made for the official Playstation Blog  / Facebook Page which means that a ton of thousands of people saw it there, which is great since his works are top quality and deserve the big attention.

Hope to see this guy being a part of a great video game maybe.  He wrote:

“And being as pumped as I am for the game it made for great motivation, I really enjoyed doing this, and I’ve been playing through the game lately and loving it! It looks so perfect on PS4!”

Haven’t played The Last Of Us even on the PS3 yet so the Remastered version will most likely be the version I play as soon as I have a Playstation 4 as well!


Have a look at Patrick Brown’s Portfolio on dA here!