Axelay Art by Mikaël Aguirre

The last three parts of our “Blast from the Past” Retro Video Game Art Series were about game characters but today we show you one of the graphically most impressive games ever on the good old Super Nintendo.

Axelay, developed by Konami in 1992 already and designed by Noritoshi Kodama & Nagisa Tsuchiya is a shoot’em up with both scrolling 2d and 3D stages. As you can see in that artwork above by Mikaël “Orioto” Aguirre, based on the boss fight you see in the screenshot, it had giant screen filling enemies.

What we can’t show you here sadly is the great soundtrack Axelay got by Taro Kudo and the great gameplay, so try out some Let’s Play Youtube Videos maybe. Sadly Axelay never got a real sequel, but it was ported to virtual console at least and is available on the Wii.


You know whats mean? We got a sequel for Axelay promised in the hard mode ending of the Japanese version..maybe it was planned already but cancelled later.


The game was named as one of the best shoot’em up of all times by ScrewAttack.

Axelay Fire Boss Screenshot 


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