Regina from Dino Crisis Art by Tovio Rogers

Has been a bit over a week since the last “Blast of the Past” fan art series about art related to video games released over a decade ago.


After Glenn The Frog from Chrono Trigger, let’s talk about Regina from the Dino Crisis games, a short lived series of survival horror games by Capcom back when they were known for great games instead of bad DLC strategies.


Regina was the main protagonist of the first two parts of the series which were both first released for the original Playstation. Dino Crisis  was released in 1999 and ported to the Dreamcast and even the PC later, the second DC remains till today a PSX exclusive and was an graphical very impressive game for the aged 32bit hardware in 2000.


There was also a light gun spinoff game for the PS2 and a very very bad third part on the original X-Box which buried the series more or less.I bet it bombed sales wise and since those days we did not see anything about a new Dino Crisis game

..while the current hardware would allow goddamn awesome environments and most likely dinosaurs which look as good as those in Jurassic Park or even better.


This fan art of Regina was made by Tovio Rogers who draws a ton of video game fan art, sometimes because he was commissioned – like in this case –  sometimes for fun or as training.

You can see quite a lot of his works here on GA-HQ or simply visit his gallery on dA!

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