Ness from Earthbound Render Art by Sires Jan Black

Time for another blast of the past article and today we are featuring the main protagonist from one of the most popular Super Nintendo JRPG’s!


Ness from Earthbound (1994) is a silent 13 year old baseball loving boy and one of the very very few characters from that game which are still relative popular today, thanks to Ness being a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. games as well.

Earthbound is still a great and pretty unusual Nintendo game and fans ask for new parts of the Mother series since years..who knows..maybe we get a WiiU mother sequel after all…the series really deserves to continue!


This illustration of Ness was made by Sires Jan Black aka EvilApple513, beside Ness he drew the other Earthbound characters in a similar fashion as well, you can see them all in his dA gallery here!