Ghoul Rat Zelda TP Link's Blacklist

This is a Ghoul Rat, an invisible enemy from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess which can be found in some of the dungeons like Hyrule Castle, the Cave of Ordeals and the Arbiter’s Grounds.

They are not hurting Link directly even and are just slowing him down which makes him more vulnerable to other visible enemies of course.

The Ghoul Rat’s can only be seen if Link is in his wolf form.

Our first and so far only submission of these little scary foes was created by Zelda-Freak91, one of the two German artists who participated in Link’s Blacklist so far.

She wrote the following to describe her illustration:

“This is my third entry for the Link’s Blacklist project by
I’m very proud to be a part of it again
I guess everybody remembers the Ghoul Rats in the Arbiter temple, I clearly do ^^;
At first I was like ‘why the hell am I so damn slow?!? and why is Midna acting so strange?!?’
and then I use Wolf-Link’s sence and was like ‘WHOAAA!!!’ :D
but…yeah…I tried to make this pic look like it is in Link’s sence mode.
I hope I could catch the scary look of the rat :S
and I hope you like it ^^”


I am pretty sure this was not her last submission to our big Zelda Art Collaboration and look forward to her future works!



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