Fyrus Zelda TP for Link's Blacklist

Our first submission of Fyrus from Zelda: Twilight Princess was drawn by Yinetyang from France for the third round of Link’s Blacklist in July 2013

The Twilit Igniter: Fyrus is the 2nd boss in Zelda: Twilight Princess and is found deep in the Goron Mines where he was locked away.

Like with many bosses in the Zelda games, Link has to make Fyrus vulnerable before he can attack his critical points to finally defeat him.


Link has to use the Hero’s Bow to shoot the gem on the forehead of Fyrus which will stun him, with the help of the Iron Boots, Link is now able to pull one of the chains that bind Fyrus and cause him to fall..which makes it possible for Link to directly attack the gem ..just be quick to avoid the wave of fire after Fyrus stands up again.

Like Blizzeta too, Fyrus was once a friendly being which was transformed into a beast which can not control itself.

Fyrus Zelda TP 



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