When i saw this image, where you can see Ellie from the Last Of US stabbing another human who would have done the same to her and Joel, it reminded me a lot at a scene from the Walking Dead TV Series.

There in the 12th Episode of the 3rd Season, the main protagonists are not helping a lone survivor who screams for help and runs behind their car, but they just drive away and don’t care. At the end of that episode, the survivor was killed and they pick up his stuff.


In both the Walking Dead and The Last Of US, humanity has no place anymore in the world which is full of monsters..and a few other humans who do just everything to survive.

It makes me wonder how you or me would act in such a scenario..would we try to help others or be cold blooded killers with survival being our own target?


This fan art was drawn by Colleen Peck from the USA

Last Of Us Ellie by Colleen Peck 



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