Argorok Zelda TP for Link's Blacklist

The Twilit Dragon: Argorok is the Boss of the City in the Sky Dungeon in Zelda: Twilight Princess and was drawn by Mike Williams from the UK for the Link’s Blacklist!

It was not 100% this would be submitted due to an art block he had, but in the end everythign came together damn well, read his own description here:

“This took me a long time to execute. I started when a long and horrible art block was creeping up on me. I just couldn’t get the pose right in any respect, I think I went through about 6 different poses within the first week of trying this piece.

But, after a few months I’ve pulled this out and I am impressed with myself.
So, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did creating this (in the end) and bring on Link’s Blacklistround IV!”

Argorok Zelda 



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