Madderpillar Zelda MC for Link's BlacklistDragonariaes who made this Madderpillar Plushie desribed her submission with the following:

 This is a Madderpillar from The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap
I love these guys, so when I decided to make a plushie I had to make one. They are found in two different temples in the games, the backgrounds are usually blue, so I tweeked the photo to reflect that.
It is made out of a mix of minky and felt. Each segment is sewn with a combination of hand and machine stiching and then attached with a double ladder stitch in between each ball, so he is super posable and I can make him do the worm. The felt is grippy, so I can pose him and he’ll hold it pretty well without a wire support.

 The Wiggler (SMW) similar enemies are exclusive to Zelda: Minish Cap so far and are huge caterpillars, their weak point is the tail.


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