Molgera Zelda WW Link's Blacklist
Our illustration of it was drawn by Rhafiel from Mexico, currently a student and participating in Game-Art-HQ Art Collaborations now since October 2012. After Volvagia from Zelda OoT, this is his second submission to Link’s Blacklist now.

Molgera Zelda

Molgera: Gargantuan Lanmola

As usual he described his illustration:

“I need to say that I was about give up (more than one time) on doing this boss, its shape and size caused me some prolems during the planning, I even made a clay model of the head for helping me in the perspective, but, it didn’t worked… and all because I wanted to show the feeling that I had the first time I saw it: “damn that thing is huge.”


But I’m a stubborn, never give up, and in the end, It was very fun, and I beat the adversities changing a little the perspective and adding a battle scene in the bottom.
Hope you enjoy the result. From “the Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker” a gargantuan lanmola, the protector of the seal, the boss of the wind temple, Molgera.

Made over carton with ink, watercolors, colored pencils and coffee (as paint).”


Good to see you did not give up after all, your giant take on the Molgera is another great addition for the Blacklist. I recommend everyone to see this image in fullsize!



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