Claire Redfield Resident Evil 2 in Fear

 Claire Refield Licker Above Resident Evil 2

Scary Moments are nothing unusual anymore in video games, but back in 1996 when the first Resident Evil was released and those Zombie Dogs jumped through wndows into that small corridor, it was something new not seen in any other games before with such an effect.

Two years later, Resident Evil 2 was released on two discs on the Sony Playstation and improved more or less everything which made the first RE such a big success worldwide.


The graphics were better, instead of a big mansion, there were big parts of Raccoon City to explore, there were more and different weapons, enemies and of course scary moments.

One of the first ones was when Leon or Claire entered the Raccoon City Police Department while they were looking for survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse in the city.

There was this long corridor with a lot of (sometimes closed) doors but no enemies at all when that video (screenshots above) started which introduced a new and deadly enemy to the players.

The Licker can crawl on walls and appear just before or behind Claire or Leon and start to attack very fast.

It was cool to see that this common enemy was used as the big “Boss” at the end of the first Resident Evil Movie.


This Fan Art was created by UmbrellaSpecter from the USA

Resident Evil 2 Logo

Resident Evil 2, a survival horror game by Capcom was released

in the USA on the January 21st, 1998, a week later in Japan and 4 months later on May 8th in Europe / PAL Regions.

It was later ported to other systems like the PC, the Nintendo 64 and the Sega Dreamcast.


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