The possessed Princess Zelda, also known as Ganon’s Puppet Zelda is one of the final boss characters in Zelda: Twilight Princess. Midna will return to Zelda to herself after Link hit her about three times.

Possessed Zelda Twilight Princess

Lixin “Tixielix” Wang from Australia drew the Illustration of her with the target to give this “evil” version of Princess Zelda a more menacing look than she had in the game itself while being possessed by Ganondorf.

She wrote:

“My inspiration was drawn from works by the Renaissance masters, in particular Caravaggio who did some of the most amazing pieces in the Chiaroscuro style.

I particularly admired his sharp contrasts between light and dark, which gave the pieces an extreme dramatic sense, and also the subtlety of the details where some are faded into the darkness and draws you in closer.

While this is no where in the same league, I hope I have been able to achieve some of those effects.”

Possessed Zelda LoZ Twilight Princess for Link's Blacklist 

Possessed Zelda LoZ Twilight Princess for Link's Blacklist 2 

Our second illustration of the Possessed Princess Zelda was drawn by Eddy Shinjuku from Malaysia who described his illustration:

“I draw attention to the rapier with warm light to emphasize how the sword is handled in a symbolical manner: Upside-down. In cultural and religious belief is that when a sacred or emblematic item is positioned upside down it portrays antagonistic sentiment in a way it associates with evil, malignant or malevolent forces.

Body posture inspired by Japanese horror movies; looking contorted, twitchy, decrepit and ‘creaking’, like those ghost in The Ring and The Grudge.

The warmth emanate from the rapier somewhat portrays that it retains purity and it ‘weeps’ for it handler and begs for her to wake up, hence the ‘snowy’ looking ‘tears’.

The colour palette attempts to depict tonal atmosphere of evil and haunting possession, it has this washed-out monotonal feel of ambiguity.

Exaggerated and dramatized gown is to give this ‘ghostly’ effect.”

Tools used: Photoshop CS6 for: Painting, Illustration and Post-processing

Working hours: 18 hrs


Possessed Zelda LoZ Twilight Princess  The possessed Zelda returned as a boss later in the Legend of Zelda: Spirit tracks as well, she uses a totally different set or attacks there though.

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