Syger Zelda Oracle of Seasons for Link's Blacklist

 Malfey, only 16 years old and with that one of the youngest artists who were allowed to participate in Link’s Blacklist drew the Syger Boss from one of the most unpopular Zelda games,she participated in the previous rounds of our art project before and wrote the following:

“I’m honored to have been accepted for participation in the first place. No one had chosen an enemy from Oracle of Ages/Seasons, so I was suggested to pick one of those. The whole game consists of pixels, so I didn’t have a proper reference for this. I just let my imagination go crazy xD
Practicing with light here again; I really need practice in that field. I know I’m not a professional, but I did what I can and I have to say I’m very pleased with the result.”


Indeed there are no other references than the Syger Sprites directly from the game..and those are not really detailed and very small since they are from a Game-Boy game too. If you ask me..Malfey did an outstanding artwork and i am totally look forward to see what this young artist comes up with in the future!

She also participated in our other big Art Project on Game-Art-HQ now, the Final Fantasy Those Who Fight Further gallery with a great Vincent Valentine (FFVII) submission!


 The Syger is a Sabretooth Tiger like Boss and is encountered as a Mini-Boss in the Unicorns Cave, the 5th Dungeon from Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.

The battle against it is quite tricky since it rolls itself to a spiked ball and can only be attacked for 1-2 seconds when Syger makes a pause between its attacks.

Syger Zelda 

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