GTAV Fan Art by Patrick Brown

Finally GTA V has been released after years of rumors and announcements 🙂

Seems Grand Theft Auto V is a major step from the last game, not only does it had three main characters now but also the biggest map ever in a GTA game and offers a ton more freedom than in the older titles.

Seems also that Grand Theft Auto is back to a more fun and crazy experience, with Trevor being the peak of it…goddamn that guy is a Canadian Son of a Bit* and crazy as fuck but a real damn great addition to the roster of Grand Theft Auto Characters.


Patrick Brown, is like myself a big fan of the GTA games and did a good handful of awesome GTAV related fan art already,

this is just his latest piece (so far)..take a look at his other works too!

Grand Theft Auto V by Patrick Brown Grand Theft Auto V Art Grand Theft Auto V Franklin Trevor Michael by Patrick Brown