The badass Guzzardi sisters from Australia (The real Borderlands!) are (like myself) big Borderlands fans and created the impossible..a real-size and totally BADASS Claptrap! (CL4P-TP) which can move and even talk (thanks to recorded dialogues from Claptrap in Borderlands 2)

I asked the Guzzardi sisters who are also drawing a ton of great game related art and are cosplayers too a few questions about their Claptrap!


What inspired you to create this lifesize Claptrap?

“We were inspired to create Claptrap for a combination of reasons, the main being that we cosplay characters Borderlands 2 for photo shoots and conventions and thought it would be fun to have Claptrap spend the day with us at conventions in Borderlands cosplay.

The other reasons of course being love for the game and love for the character.”


How did you start the creation of it, how expensive was it, how long did it take you to create it?

“The creation of him began with lots of planning and sketching, and from there it moved onto about 4 weeks of constant work on him between the two of us until he was finished and functioning.”


Would you like to have a real Claptrap? ;-P

“We would love to have a real life, thinking and breathing Claptrap!

But knowing him I’m sure he’d get unbearably annoying after a couple of days xD”

 Watch also this video on Youtube where you can see the Claptrap!

Claptrap by Guzzardi