Cyrax MKDA Bio Profile Alt. Unmasked

Cyrax MKDA Bio Alt.

Cyrax MKDA Ending 2

Cyrax MKDA Ending 2

Cyrax in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Unmasked

Cyrax Wins!!

Cyrax Unmasked MKDA Alt Costume 

Cyrax lost the technology to journey back to Earthrealm while he was ambushed in Outworld.

He met a vampire named Nitara there who offered Cyrax a deal to get him back to Earthrealm if he would find an object for her in the molten dephts of Outworld.

While he did not fully trust Nitara and even his armor would melt after a while there, he agreed to bring her the mysterious Object.


Cyrax was shown without his mask for the first time in Mortal Kombat Gold already, but due to the graphics no details were visible, this changed in Mortal Kombat. Deadly Alliance where his unmasked face can be seen now.


In Cyrax ending, he found the Object for Nitara.

The enormous heat and pressure of the lava burned out Cyrax’s sensors almost immediately. He cast about blindly in the infernal pit, searching for the orb Nitara had sent him to locate. Cyrax found it resting upon a small submerged pedestal beneath the molten depths. As soon as he clambered to the surface, she demanded he hand over the Orb.

Nitara had promised to return Cyrax to Earthrealm once the orb had been retrieved. Taking her necklace in hand, she uttered a mystical incantation. A swirling portal opened around Cyrax and he only had time for a solemn bow before he was swept into the gateway.


Cyrax in his alternate and unmasked Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance design was drawn by Grapiqkad. This was the last design of Cyrax not yet claimed and drawn for the Mortal Kombat Tribute at that time.

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