Vi LoL League of Legends Tech Skin RedesignVi from the League of Legends in the Tech-Skin / Costume Concept

It has been some weeks since our last League of Legends Skin-Concept Fan Art Feature, and after Jinx the last time, its now all about Vi, the Piltover Champion who got a

“Tech” Skin Concept by Asher Winter Kidd from Australia who created the Harley Quinn Skin for Jinx before as well.

Asher wrote the following to describe his take on Vi and his Tech Skin Concept:

Hey guys, have a fun one for you here today. This Vi is a nod to some of the sweet rides you will see rolling around the streets ;). Vi-tech has a few new upgrades and battle grade armour. She might feel a little Gundam but she is 100% Vi through and through. 

This was a really fun one to create and we’ve been wanting to do a Vi skin concept here for a long time, hope you guys like it!