Jade Mortal Kombat 2 Hidden Clue

“One Day We Will Fight !” One of Jade’s clue’s in Mortal Kombat II

Jade Mortal Kombat 2 Screenshot

 Jade Wins!!


Jade from Mortal Kombat 2 

Jade started as a hidden and unplayable character in Mortal Kombat II who could be fought in Goro’s Lair from MK1 if the player would win at least one round by using only the LK and directional movements in the fight before the question mark in arcade mode.

Jade is a pallete swap of Kitana and uses the same moves but is a bit faster and stronger and has a golden fan.

Jade returned in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and developed her very own moveset with the years.


Jade in her classic Mortal Kombat 2 design was drawn by BlackSpartanKing

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Jade MK II Mortal Kombat Tribute

 Mortal Kombat II

Jade UMK3 Mortal Kombat Tribute

 UMK 3

Jade MK Deception Mortal Kombat Tribute

 MK Deception

Jade MK Deception Alt.  Mortal Kombat Tribute

MK Deception Alt.

Jade Mortal Kombat 9 MK Tribute

Mortal Kombat 9

Jade MK9 Alt Mortal Kombat Tribute

Mortal Kombat 9 Alt.


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