Jade MK9 Alt Screen

“This Will Be Easy”

Jade MK9 Alt Screen

Jade uses a spear weapon

Jade MK9 Alt Screen

Flawless Victory!

Jade MK9 Alternate Costume MK Tribute

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Jade in her alternate / unlockable outfit from Mortal Kombat 9, drawn by Lam Nguyen for the Mortal Kombat Art Tribute.


This outfit was a mix of new elements combined with some of her Mortal Kombat Deception looks, her face however is a lot more manly in the games and Lam Nguyen most likely used the beautiful Jade actress from the movie MK Annihilation for references.

“This will be easy.”

Jade, who is an assassin for Shao Kahn in MK9 is ordered to betray and kill her friend Princess Kitana. During the story’s mode however she is switching sides and opposes Shao Kahn.

She was killed by Mileena in MK9`s Story Mode.

In her arcade mode ending however, she is getting possessed by an unknown woman…

Jade MK9 alt costume render 


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