The last game featured for now in our art tribute to the beat’em up video game genre is about the video game tie-in to the movie Tron: Legacy from 2010 developed by Propaganda Games.

This is another modern third person action game with the protagonist making his way through a ton of enemies using an arsenal of moves and combos there are a few multiplayer modes but the main game is for one player. The game itself is not a traditional beat’em up but uses many elements of the genre. There are typical brawls but there is a big focus on using the virtual environments of Tron.


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Tron Evolution GA-HQ Beat'em Up Tribute


About our illustration of Tron: Evolution and the artist behind it

 Caitlin Lane aka. Inside-Joke from Canada was first featured with her fan art of  Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect) on Game-Art-HQ, the Tron: Evolution illustration made for our beat’em up tribute was her first submission to a GA-HQ art project!



Screenshot Gallery of Tron: Evolution










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