¬†Do you know these mean little guys Cactuar FFVII Animated by_VVKiti, the Cactuars from the Final Fantasy games? Well if you ever see one…run for your life and don’t attack it and ignore the fact you could get 10AP from them after the battle! The Cactuar attacks you with 1000 Needles! and you would end up like Cloud Strife here..but most likely without a caring Tifa who helps you getting rid of the many needles. Never forget this image if you are on a adventure…never attack a Cactuar!


This fan art of Cloud after a battle with a Cactuar was drawn by Linda Bedwall from Sweden in 2011 already, and is one of the few well drawn illustrations i found which are related to the Cactuars. Sooner or later we have to organize an art project about FF enemies ūüôā