Young Elizabeth Cosplay by_angela bermudez

Elizabeth is one of the two main protagonists in Bioshock Infinite, and a 20 year old woman who accompanies the played game character BookerDeWit in the game.

Unlike other sidekicks in video games, Elizabeth is shown with a strong own character and personality, she is not just there but a very important part of the story of Bioshock Infinite and helps the player often with items, shows the path, interacts with her environments and helps understanding the rich world of Columbia in the alternate reality in the game.

This cosplay is based on the illustrations of the younger Elizabeth.

Elizabeth got cosplayed here with a stunning attention to the details of her clothes and her behaviour in the game, Angela Bermudez, the cosplayer even created a small Songbird Plushie and well..this cosplay is amazing and only BookerDeWit’s hand or gun is missing to believe you see Bioshock on a nextgen platform or? ūüôā Big Kudos to Angela for her great cosplay here and thanks for sharing it online!


About the cosplayer – Angela Bermudez

There are cosplayers who just buy a costume in an online shop and there are those who create the costumes completely by themselves. Angela Bermudez from Costa Rica is one of them, and she calls herself a proud Cosmaker for good reasons.

Elizabeth Cosplay by_angela bermudez

She is cosplaying since at least 5 years already and no matter which character is cosplayed by her…the costumes..the locations..the poses and her facial expressions are professional and not a few of her photos can really be called “epic” or “badass” ..i totally recommend visiting her big gallery over at deviantART to see her as Harley Quinn, Commander Shepard and many others.

I think she is a real multitalent when i see those costumes, her cosplays, the crafted accessories like the Songbird Plushie or the Murder of Crows Replica and her drawn artworks as well.

songbird_plushie_by_angela bermudez Elizabeth and Songbird Cosplay by_angela bermudez