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In this article you can read a lot informations about Elizabeth and her development, see official art as well as fan art and cosplays, and last but not least concept artworks and an interview with Claire Hummel who drew Elizabeth for Irrational Games, last but not least you can also read opinions by gamers about Elizabeth and share your own one here as well


Elizabeth is a character from the Bioshock first person shooter series and debuted in Bioshock Infinite

She is 20 year old, born in the USA and arrived in Columbia as a one year old baby. She is prisoned there since her childhood and knows only the rooms she had to stay in at the start of the game.

During the game she helps the main protagonist of the game, Booker DeWitt and accompanies him through almost the complete story.


Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite: an Overview

Charactername: Elizabeth   Developed /Created by Irrational Games
Gameseries:  Bioshock   First seen on:  PS3 & XB360 & PC
First Game:  Bishock Infinite   Year first seen in: 2013 
Last Game:  “”   Birthplace: USA
Role(s) and Characteristics:  Supportive NPC   Weapons or Martial Arts Style:  
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Has Relations to: Booker DeWitt  (Partner /Friend)   See also:  


The Development of Elizabeth for Bioshock Infinite and her role in the game

Bioshock-Infinite-Elizabeth Wallpaper

Official Wallpaper with Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a young beautiful woman who has been held captive in the city of Columbia for the most of her life.

She is intelligent and artistic and helps the player often with her skills, it is also notable that she has a unusual big arsenal of animations and was designed to move like a real being instead of a video game character.

Due to the danger of spoiling parts of the still new Bioshock Infinite for you we won’t describe her personality too much and go into the details of her character during the game.

For now this article will be more about the development of Elizabeth and what makes her such a special character.

This article will be updated in September 2013.


Elizabeth Bioshock Infinite 2011

During the development of Bioshock Infinite, her design changed a bit, she had a lot wider eyes as example but in general her design stayed the same.

While Bioshock 1 and 2 were stunning games with an interesting story and setting, they were both experiences were the player was most of the time alone and did not met a lot friendly characters.

For Bioshock Infinite, Irrational Games wanted to change that and so they started working on a partner for the player who would accompany him for the game and would be a important element of the whole game. That was the start of the development of Elizabeth.

Irrational Games wanted to make Elizabeth more of just a sidekick, she would not only be a character who can help BookerDeWitt sometimes, she also needs his help and can interact with her environment and other characters in multiple ways and forms.

The big goal by the developers and story authors was to make her “alive” for the player which lead to a complete design team called the “Liz Squad” lead by the Level Designer Amanda Jeffrey who had the job to create environment, Elizabeth would interact with and the needed animations for that.

Since Elizabeth was prisoned away for so many years, all the enviroments and people she discovers during the game are completely new for her, which made it possible that Elizabeth interacts with so many elements of the game and find them interesting while the player himself would call them normal and nothing special most likely.

Sometimes she behaves like a kid in a theme park who sees a bit attraction there for the first time 🙂

Elizabeth Bioshock Infinite 2011 E3 Trailer

Elizabeth in the E3 2011 Gameplay Trailer

Making Elizabeth such a believable character was one of the biggest challenges for the developers, she had to always keep up with Booker, had to move realistic in the different environments, interact with them in a believable form and had to care about Booker as well.

During the years of developing Bioshock Infinite, a ton of tests were made to study the reactions of players of cutscenes with Elizabeth and her character in game to guarantee that Elizaneth is a likeable character for the most players.

Elizabeth Bioshock Infinite 2011 E3 Trailer

A scene were she would leave the player alone and play with the sand on a beach because its her first time there was changed as example. Instead she spends more time there with the player.

The developers also avoided to make Bioshock Infinite one big escort mission, while Elizabeth does not participate in the combat, Booker does not have to protect her in that sense that he has to take care on her health, instead Elizabeth takes care on Booker’s health and supplies him often with ammunition as well.

The different Concept Art for Elizabeth by Claire Hummel

Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite Concept Art 1

“Young Liz first Round of Concepts”

Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite Concept Art 2

“Young Liz 2nd Round of Concepts”

Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite Concept Art 3

“Young Liz Color and Hair Options”

Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite Concept Art 4

“Damage Options and Progress”

Elizabeth Bioshock Action Figure by NEC

Elizabeth became one of the most popular game characters during the first quartal 2013 and even an action figure by NEC of her was developed.

Claire Hummel designed these concepts of the young Elizabeth for Irrational Games.

They wanted a 1912 period- and age-appropriate look which saw many literations before the final 2d designs which you can see to the right for the game were decided

Final 2D Design Art of Elizabeth from Bioshock infinite

Claire write the following to describe the final 2D design of Elizabeth:

“A couple of changes were made for the final model- fewer buckles on the skirt, shirt cuffs from an early concept, etc- but the rest of it was pretty spot-on”

You can click on the concept art to enlarge the images


Elizabeth Fan and Cosplay Art featured on Game Art HQ!


Elizabeth and BookerDeWit by_alteya

Elizabeth and BookerDeWit

by Alteya

Elizabeth Bioshock by Ganassa


by Ganassa


Elizabeth Cosplay

by Angela Bermudez

Elizabeth by Angela Bermudez

by Angela Bermúdez

Elizabeth Bioshock Cosplay Art The Seed of the Prophet

Elizabeth Cosplay

by Hidrico & DawnArts

Elizabeth became one of the most popular new video game characters in 2013 when Bioshock Infinite got released, and even before its release, fans who are either drawing art or are cosplaying game characters started working on art related to her.

Here on Game Art HQ i try to show you some of the awesome artworks /coslays made about Elizabeth, including her “friends” like Songbird and Booker as well!

Elizabeth Bioshock Art by Speeh

Elizabeth Portrait

by Speeh

Elizabeth the Lamb of Columbia Art by Natasha Saville

The Lamb of Columbia

by Natasha Saville

Elizabeth - Take This Booker Bioshock Infinite Art

“Take this Booker”

by Krit Parnsanay

Elizabeth-from-Bioshock-Infinite Art by Ghostfire

Elizabeth in front of the Lighthouse

by Ghostfire

Elizabeth Bioshock Art by Isabella Morawetz

Elizabeth Portrait

by Isabella Morawetz

Elizabeth and Songbird in Her Song by_eddy_shinjuku


Elizabeth and BookerDeWitt in bioshock_infinite_by_eddy_shinjuku

all by Eddy Shinjuku

bioshock_infinite art by_eddy_shinjuku


Elizabeth Bioshock Burial At Sea Cosplay

Elizabeth from Burial At Sea

Cosplay by Angela Bermúdez

Elizabeth Bioshock Burial At Sea Art

Elizabeth from Bioshock: Burial At Sea


Elizabeth Portrait Art Bioshock

Elizabeth Portrait Art

by MagicnaAnavi

Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea Prologue Art

Elizabeth from Burial At Sea

 by Eddy Shinjuku


More Selected Elizabeth Game Art  / Cosplay made by the Fans

Elizabeth Cosplay Burial At Sea  Elizabeth Bioshock 2016 Cosplay by Angela Bermudez

Elizabeth from Burial At Sea

Cosplay by Angela Bermúdez

Elizabeth Bioshock  Portrait Art by Lance Richard

Elizabeth Portrait Art

by Lance Richard


Elizabeth Cosplay

by Katy-Angel

Elizabeth Bioshock Infinite by_melloskitten

Elizabeth Different Style

by melloskitten


Falling Elizabeth

by sbalac

Beautiful Elizabeth from Bioshock by Derek Weselake

The beautiful Elizabeth

by Derek Weselake

Elizabeth Bioshock by_squigi

by Squigi


Selected Elizabeth and the Songbird Fan Art

Elizabeth and Songbird Artwork

by Brett Murdock

Songbird and Elizabeth from Bioshock by Tyrine Carver

by Tyrine Carver

Elizabeth and Songbird Art by Dovile Tarutyte

by Dovile Tarutyte



 Other Characters in Bioshock Infinite which are related to Elizabeth

BookerDeWit – the main protagonist of Bioshock Infinite who frees Elizabeth from her prison. Elizabeth helps and accompanies him through the game till the end.
Songbird – Elizabeth’s Guardian who begins pursuing Elizabeth and Booker from the moment on forward when she escapes her room. Elizabeth had a sort of friendship with Songbird and did not see him as an enemy.
Zachary Hale Comstock  – I really don’t want to spoil the story of the game 🙂


What Gamers think about Elizabeth

 So, what can I say about Elizabeth. First of all, it’s of course her beauty that i like (yeah-yeah, not original, but still).

Second, the thing is that she’s a girl. It may seem obvious, but think about it. When was the last time in action games when a girl was acting like a girl, and not a killing machine or some kind of smart ass or something?

She doesn’t try to help Booker fight through enemies directly, she doesn’t use her “magic”. She just executes the commands as she knows that Booker is the man and he’s the chief. But here’s another thing. Though she doesn’t kill anyone, she helps more than any other characters in shooters (as example you can take Alyx Vance and Cortana). Yes, all this stuff she throws to you – I can say it’s like a dream.

About her personality:

Again, we see her as a living person, not some ideal being. She’s smart, she’s well educated, but still she’s very naive (at least at the start). But she grows very fast and then we see that in the end she’s not that cute girl we rescued from Monument Island but the girl that knows what is life and that sometimes you have to do something really bad.

And all this is absolutely logical and there’re absolutely no thoughts about “why did she do this or that” or “why does she act like that”.
Elizabeth is my favorite girl in the gaming world by now.

Opinion by Game Art HQ Member Vladimir-Holstinin


Elizabeth is the opposite kind of companion to Sheva Alomar of RE5, instead of yapping “I need ammo” x9999 times and sweep away all the ammo that you required while looking at you with a certain smugness, Liz stocks you up with them! With health and Salt as well! :squee: Hell, money too! :faint:

She’s the most ‘real’ companion up to date (and utterly useful), interacting with almost everything in the environment. not sure any games will top that off soon…

Oh yeah, she doesn’t need baby-sitting, that usually is what I’m really annoyed with most non-combatant companions (e.g. Ashley Graham RE4 and the likes)

Sorry, I haven’t completed the game yet lol, Just needed to rant a tad :D
Even so, I’m deeply invested in this character, well done to the guys @ Irrational Games and of course Courtnee Drape (the voice of Elizabeth)

Opinion by Game Art HQ Contributor Eddy Shinjuku


Elizabeth was actually a really nice companion to have that had such a great backstory. She really became a heightened aspect of the game, and she never really became a nuisance. Definitely a really awesomely created character.

Her personality in the beginning is really innocent but very friendly. She seemed very approachable even if you felt a little creepy staring at her through a window. She really has a human-like personality that I haven’t seen from a character in a very long time.

I like her design a lot too. Her design at the beginning of the game is done very well because it gives her the appearance of an innocent girl that wants to be free and live her life. And then when she dons her new costume, it really shows how much she’s matured and it even reflects how her part in the story drastically changes. The design is simplistic, but very captivating too.

I think the only thing I disliked about Elizabeth was that she was constantly throwing things at me that half the time I didn’t need. Sure, I needed ammo, but sometimes I’d get salts when I really needed health. Also, it was a rather noticeable flaw that she can find money with ease yet she can’t pick up a pickpocket herself when she spots it.

Overall, I like her a lot and I’m really glad to have played the game and to have gotten to know such a marvelous character.

Opinion by Game Art HQ Contributor Skytch


Elizabeth is a great, great, great character, she gives you money, ammo, first aid kits, salts, whith her powers she can bring support turrets and mechanic patriots from another dimensions, just for help you.

She also has a great backstory, and in the end… Oh you’ll not believe it.

Do you think is not good enought? well, she is pretty too, more so with the blue dress, Oh and she even dances and sings.

She’s really a great point on one of the greatest games I have ever played, not just for the beautiful desing, she evolves as the game progress, from a delicate an imprisoned little girl, to a powerful serious and determined woman.

Opinion by Game Art HQ Contributor Rhafiel



Any Form of feedback and comments are welcome, if you want to share your Opinion about Elizabeth or review her character, you can do that via a comment here as well