“I finally got around to joining the link’s blacklist enemy collective at Game-Art-HQ !!!

I picked the Keaton from Minish Cap, hiding in a tree, waiting to rob your rupees. and since they both like to steal money, i put a Takkuri in there too.

Yay for thieves! my first time drawing anthro, hope it’s ok, and i wanted to try some more perspective and coloring over the lines for a painted look.

(hope it came out okay) and i painted everything except for the sunspots on one layer, which is like 10 layers less than i normally use XD “

Keaton Minish Cap

This is the Keaton from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, drawn by Nummonkee as her first submission for Link’s Blacklist!

Nummonkey heard about Link’s Blacklist on a Zelda website which used our project to gain a lot of hits and clicks and copied all the artworks done till summer 2012 while they left only one small link to our original gallery here. But at least that article there was seen by fans like Nummonkee as well and since i saw her comment, i pointed her to our dA group where Link’s Blacklist is organized for the most part. Welcome to the GA-HQ Community Monkee ūüôā

¬†The Keaton made its debut in Zelda Ocarina of Time already, but so far they only appeared in Minish Cap as enemies they are fast and are attacking Link with a charge which causes him to lose some Ruppes if their attack was successful, the Keaton’s come in two different colors but are identical in their behaviour and have the same health and attack strenghts too. ¬†

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