Cursed Zombie Bokoblin Zelda SS 


You have them..we want them!

We are the cursed Bokoblins also known as Zombie Bokoblins but we don’t like that name!

We reanimated ourselfes to continue to walk on the earth we hate, to attack the pursue Link and grab him and hold him and …take him with us to our Underworld…


The cursed Bokoblins in the world of Zelda: Skyward Sword are located mostly in the Underworld part of the Ancient Cistern and look and behave like scary Zombies which jump on Link and can take a lot sword strikes before they are defeated.

Aly K. Sasagawa also known as Ruina is the artist behind it.

Aly described her illustrastion with the following words:

I really enjoyed the Ancient Cistern dungeon, a lot of it due to the design connected to Buddhism which I found very interesting.

I also found it pretty neat that they made a reference to Akutagawa’s The Spider’s Thread. I heard about this story not long before I played the game through a completely unrelated source, so I did a double-take when I first saw the string in game. xD

Aly participated last year already in Link’s Blacklist and her submissions are among my favourites! Take a look at her Poe Sisters artwork from Zelda OoT as well!

Cursed Bokoblins Skyward Sword for Link's Blacklist 



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