poe_sisters from ocarina of time

 This is our first entry of the four Poe Sisters from Zelda: Ocarina of Time that haunt the Forest Temple in Link`s Blacklist!

It was drawn by Aly K. Sasagawa from the USA

Poe_Sisters Ocarina Of Time

The Poe Sisters group from Zelda OoT  their names are Amy, Beth, Joelle, and Meg.

The Poe Sisters return in Zelda Majora’s Mask as optional mini-bosses to get a piece of heart.

Poe Sisters Zelda Ocarina of Time Link's Blacklist

Our second submission about the Poe Sisters was drawn by DonRondo she had the following to say about her work:


“Finally! I’ve wanted to draw these gals for so long (about since I first played OoT soon after its release and encountered them in the Forest Temple). I… like poes very much, especially these ones. For multiple reasons.”



Beth from The Poe Sisters   

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