Freezor ALTTP for Link's Blacklist

The Freezors are minor enemies in Zelda 3: A Link to the Past and appear mostly in the Ice Palace dungeon. These fiends hunt Link down and the only weapons to stop them are the Fire Rod and the Bombos Medaillon Spell. The sword does not even knock them back!


The Freezor is not very fast and dangerous but if two of them appear and Link has no magic left it can be quite tricky to get past them…

Carlzors illustration of the Freezor made for Link’s Blacklist was based on these little sprites of the Freezor you can see in the screenshot since no official art for these enemies was ever published (as far as we know).

He wrote the following to describe his submission:

“Apparently this is one of the lesser known baddies from LOZ: Link to the Past. The Freezor would always burst out of the wall and attack you. He is found in the Ice Palace! I decided not to add the “sparklies” that typically follow him because the way I drew him doesn’t make him look like a sparkly type monster.”




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