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Back in Mortal Kombat Deception (2004) the character artists and designers at Midway Chicago surprised the Mortal Kombat fans with two new and quite different designs for the fan favourite cryomancer Sub Zero who has been in all Mortal Kombat games so far and were most of the time designed like a typical ninja.

Beside his more popular “Shredder” design he also got this unlockable second design where he has a long ponytail and also a different armor than ever before.

This is the probably so far most unpopular attire for Sub Zero, but AG-08 drew it nonetheless and created the maybe best looking illustration of this design ever. This is one of the very few artworks not specifically made for our MK Tribute.

I highly doubt we will see it ever again in a future MK game.


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Sub Zero MK Deception Alternate MK Tribute

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