Link is the main character in all Legend of Zelda games. His design and age changes from game to game but his general appearance is the same. Link appeared also in multiple other games by Nintendo like the Super Smash bros fighting game series and is one of the most popular video game characters of all times

His designs changed only slightly, but some of his fans created some really nice redesigns of him, take a look at them and the whole gallery here!

Link Render

Link render from Zelda: Twilight Princess

Link from Legend of Zelda Art drawn by his Fans

This gallery is split into 2 small sections, one for artworks based on his original designs, and another one for redesigns of Link, created by fans


A Link Between Worlds Fan Art by Unique Legend

by Unique Legend


by Gwendybee

Link LOZ Badass Art by joshuar summana

by Joshua Summana


 Link from Zelda by Elizabeth Sherry

excuuuse_me__princess by_brendan corris

Link LoZ Art by Andreas Holzendorf

Zelda WW HD Forbidden Woods

The_Hero_of_Time Link by_2dforever


Zelda Bunny Link by Hanzo Steinbach

Legend of Zelda Timeline Art by Joshua Dunbar

Link LOZ Art by Karniz


Redesigns of Link

Manly Link (Zelda) by Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias

“Manly Link”

by Genzoman

Link Concept Art by Luis Santiago

Asian Link Redesign

by Luis Santiago

Link LOZ Concept  Art by Rio Gewelt

by Rio Gewelt