This is a fan art by Tom Waterhouse of the fictional character Link from the Legend of Zelda action adventure game series by Nintendo


Tom`s own description of his work:

“Link, the hero of time, sans hat. What is with that hat? It’s a sock – I fail to see it’s purpose.

This came from a set of portraits I was doodling one evening. One of them became quite detailled and turned into Link. I guess it’s quite funny looking, and the eyes can be a bit haunting, but I did it because he does have such big eyes in the games!
So I wanted something slightly stylised, but I also didn’t want to offend the Zelda fans. There’s something you certainly don’t want to do.

I’m really happy with the colours on this. The green theme was the obvious route but I wanted some warmth to come through as well. Although that’s not really shown through his expression here. Link doesn’t seem to have a face other than this, so I thought it’ll make for a good intense kind of portrait. I’ve also wanted to draw Link with the ‘Twighlight Princess’ version of his outfit – I think it’s my favourite of his so far (no shiny tights!).”


This fan art by 2DForever / Tom Waterhouse was published the first time on November 22, 2009


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