A Link Between Worlds Fan Art by Unique Legend

Zelda 3 – A Link to the Past was and is my favourite Zelda game so far, but the new Zelda: A Link Between Worlds looks a lot like it could replace that one.

So far i only saw a lot videos and read gamers writing about it and it seems it is good old Zelda with a lot refinements, new stuff and of course modern visuals which still keep the charming designs of Zelda 3 alive.

Clearly a must have game for Zelda fans of the first hour!


JS “Unique Legend” is a big Zelda fan like myself, and participated multiple times in our ambitious Link’s Blacklist Project already, this is her first fan art of Zelda ALBW and also the first time ever she drew the young Link.


Currently she is part of a team which wants to create a new cinematic animated series called the “The Forgotten Pixels” about an 80’s gaming her who loves inside a video game cartridge which has never been played.

That concept alone sounds interesting and the shown animations and images on the kickstarter page even more.

I fully recommend you to take a look and maybe support this project!



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