Donna Brown is a great artist, also participated in multiple of our art contests and projects with excellent entries but she really needed  long time to finally complete Zelda Twilight Princess!

Her comment about it was:

What’s actually kind of sad and funny is that I got the game in 2006, and beat it in… uhh… 2012.
I’m a completionist, so I have to finish games %100. It’s a sickness… really…
But yeah, finally after six years I’ve beaten Twilight Princess… XD

..this reminds me that i needed over 3 years to beat Final Fantasy VIII…oops!

Sometimes just something happens again and again to prevent to play a game through. In my case it was a broken memory card with safefiles for FF8 and i was already short before Ultimecia arrrrgh…took me a long time to get in the mood to repeat everything again, but thanks to FF8 being a great game it was a lot fun in the end

What does this all have to do with Link there on the right from Zelda Twilight Princess you ask? It was drawn by Donna as one of her many game related fan arts of course!


Link LOZ Art

Enlarge the art thrugh clicking on it