Sexy Princess Peach Art by_Sigurd Hosenfeld

Princess Peach

samus_aran zero_suit_by_class34

Samus Aran

Chun Li by Andreas Holzendorf

Chun Li

 Alsoomse  Assassins Creed 3 Art by Jodie Muir


Morrigan Aensland Artwork by Jamal Campbell 

Morrigan Aensland

lara_croft new tomb raider by_baovu

Lara Croft


So i made this poll about what to upload and feature this weekend on Game Art HQ, the winner was obviously the Game Girls Special 🙂

I could present you a few really sexy Mai Shiranui’s Lara Crofts, Chun Li’s etc. but seriously, that alone can be seen everywhere and easily with google and a “game girls” search or? I think there are even websites focusing on “Game Babes” alone. So in this themed weekend art feature you see video game girls but not just teh sexi ones, there is Angel from KOF, Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw but also the relative unknown Assassins Creed 3 character Alsoomse or Sona from League of Legends. I hope some of you will like this art feature of very different characters and artists.

You are welcome to comment!



Juliet Starling Portrait by_class34

Juliet Starling

Sona, the Maven of the Strings Art by Ka-ho

Sona (League of Legends)

Angel KOF Sexy Art by Tovio Rogers

Angel (KOF)