Morrigan Aensland Artwork by Jamal Campbell

“Goddamn Capcom! We have 2001 and you still use the sprites from 1994 from Darkstalkers 1 for Morrigan Aensland in Capcom vs SNK 2”

Not a few Darkstalkers/ Marvel vs Capcom / Capcom vs SNK players said that or something similar in the past when capcom indeed used the same damn old sprites for their popular Morrigan again and again. It was a point of criticism for many years which was finally changed when Morrigan got her first new appearance in Tatsunoko X Capcom, a 3D graphics based game.

Morrigan is a damn sexy succubus and probably the most popular Darkstalkers character of them all, she also is one of the most drawn video game babes. Often with giant boobs and BDSM references, but Jamal Campbell from Canada sticked to the source material in this render like artwork of him which shows Morrigan during one of her many attacks.

Jamal draw and draws a whole series of those fighting game character artworks, he is also an artist who participates in Game Art HQ  Art Activities on a regular base. Check out his works for our Tekken 1 Tribute or the Final Fantasy I Anniversary Art Series in his gallery at dA!