Juliet Starling Portrait by_class34

So cute..so innocent..so damn deadly to all the Zombies, Zombie Lords and really bad Zombie Metalheads!

Juliet Starling, the main Protagonist of the pretty unique Lollipop Chainsaw might look like she couldn’t harm a fly kills undead monsters like she would be a Left4Dead character instead of a typical teenage cheerleader.

The game Lollipop Chainsaw is really cool for a while, but more something for rent or grabbing for a good price since it is relative short and there is not much to do after playing it through. Wish it would have a lot minigames maybe to be interesting for a longer time.


But enough about the game and Juliet, let’s also talk about this pretty artwork by the Malaysian artist Class34, hobbyist and very motivated to draw a lot game art in 2013.

This is just a nice portrait of her with lots of small details on the skin as example, so take a look at its fullsize please.

If you like this piece, also check out the Class34 Tag here below, or just visit his big gallery full of game art @ deviantART!