Edge Panzer Dragoon Saga by Tom Waterhouse

These are Edge and his Dragon, both from the Sega Saturn game Panzer Dragoon Saga, the 4th Panzer Dragoon game and an JRPG of an epic scale. For many it is known as the best Sega Saturn game ever made, and people wonder why it was not ported or re-released yet. On Ebay and Amazon the game is sold for more than the most other Saturn games. Change that already Sega and publish it or even a HD version already!

This artwork was made by the english artist Tom Waterhouse who calls PD Saga one of his favourite ten games of all time. He wrote:

“I was inspired to draw the protagonist, Edge, with his Dragon in it’s basic form. I love all of the original artwork that went with the Panzer Dragoon series, so it’s also inspired by that: sandy colours, solemn characters and a sense of loneliness.”

Tom has a nice website with his big portfolio of game related art, take a look @ 2dforever.com