raiden metal_gear_solid_revengeance wallpaper hd by_chekydotstudio thumb

Raiden from MGR Revengeance

Edge Panzer Dragoon Saga by Tom Waterhouse

Edge / Panzer Dragoon Saga


Mike Haggar

Master Chief Halo 4 Art by Velimir Kondic thumb

Master Chief

Kain Highwind

Today i mixed a really strange mix of game related art together ..under the Theme of “Angry White Men” ..well..let’s not think about this theme for too long and instead take a look at these 5 really great artworks in 5 very different styles from 5 very different games.

The mix of genres could not be wilder actually, we have Kain Highwind here from Final Fantasy IV, Mike Haggar from Final Fight, the popular Master Chief from Halo 4, Raiden from the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Re-vengeance and finally a really unpopular character with Edge from Panzer Dragoon Saga of the best Sega Saturn games ever made which also still did not get a port for xbl/psn etc which sucks!