Jill and Claire versus Zombies Art by Francisco Jesús Jiménez García

Since we have a Zombies in Video Games themed special on Game Art HQ today we had outstanding fan art about the Left4Dead series among others in it already, but what’s with Resident Evil?

I am not sure it is a survival horror game anymore, and that the enemies in the latest RE games can be called Zombies..so let’s go back in time a bit to the roots of the Resident Evil games back when Chris and Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy had to survive hordes of Zombies!

The spanish artist Francisco Jesús Jiménez García aka Mario Grant draw this RE fan art about Jill and Claire being handcuffed to each other fighting their way through Racoon City. This drawing was born of a request about the two RE girls beind handcuffed, the other ideas in the piece like the “acid grenade round in the face” one were born while Mario was drawing it.