raiden metal_gear_solid_revengeance wallpaper hd by_chekydotstudio

Raiden from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, formerly known as MGS Rising, click on the art for the big wallpaper version!

Raiden changed to a damn cool character in MGS4 already, but it seems the upcoming MGR Revengeance will make him one of the coolest video game characters of 2013. While i am not the biggest MGS fan, this new game looks like a ton of fun..which is no wonder since it is made by Platinum Games, the guys behind Bayonetta and Anarchy Reigns as example.

This really cool artwork which is just flawless to use as a wallpaper, looks like a damn official art while it was made by Admira Wijaya from the Chekydot Studio in Indonesia last year (and published exactly 1 year ago!) to kill his boredom during the holidays. Woooot!?! Dude i wish you all the boredom of the world if this makes you creating art like that for fun again and again!