Dayz Wallpaper Game Art by_patrick brown


Lord Raptor

Jill and Claire versus Zombies Art by Francisco Jesús Jiménez García  thumb

The (oldschool) Resident Evil Girls in Action

Skeleton PacMan eats all the dots

Left 4 Dead Series Art Infected by Donna Brown

Left4Dead Series



2013 started with a day for the crazy villains in video games on Game Art HQ and today, 2(8) days later we tribute thee undead, thee zombies and thee zombie art

Zombie PacMan, Lord Raptor from the good old Darkstalkers which sees literally a resurrection soon, the more and more popular getting Armada Mod “DayZ” , and of course the Left4Dead series are part of a little celebration of our all favourite walking corpses.

Speaking about walking corpses..i can’t wait for the next episodes of Walking Dead! Anyone else too? If so please consider writing a comment here!

The next wave of game art arrives tomorrow