Dayz Wallpaper Game Art by_patrick brown

Dayz is a mod for the Armada II wargame, you are on an island full with zombies, have to eat, drink, only a few bullets left and you can’t trust anyone in this game. Other plays can kill you and will kill you if the zombies won’t do that already. Patrick Brown, great artist who draws great art related to his favourite video games illustrated his experiences with Dayz in this artwork a bit, it is great as a wallpaper btw.

Patrick himself wrote the following as a description of his art:

“I spotted a small town and headed toward it thinking there might be another player there who could pick him of for me with a rifle.. Nope, instead I was greeted by a swarm of Zombies looking for some num nums.
So this picture explains my next 20+ kilometers of running.. Haha I loved it though, strangely! Great game, it’ll be even better when it’s made into a legit title that’s easy to set up.”

I recommend everyone to try out this game if you like zombie apocalypse games and have no problems meeting really strange people there …