Lord Raptor Darkstalkers Art by Steven De Sykes

Lord Raptor, known as Zabel in Japan btw. is really a kickass character design, who has not only a damn cool backstory and is very fun to play with in the Darkstalkers games, but also is friggin able to yeah..use his leg as a chainsaw among many other things he can do with his bones.

He might be the coolest Zombie character ever in a video game and i really hope Capcom brings him back if we really see a new Darkstalkers fighting game finally!

This badass artwork of him was drawn by Steven De Sykes from UK, it was made for the Darkstalkers Tribute book by Udon but sadly didn’t make it in. But whatever, at least it is featured here on Game Art HQ now, and you probably saw it here for the first time now while it was drawn in March 2009 already. This is one of the cases also when i wonder what criteria the guys @ Udon used for their tribute books ^^

While Steven does not draw a lot game related stuff, his gallery over @ dA is pretty cool..keyword Lego Spiderman!

Let’s see if he gets back to drawing Darkstalkers or other game characters someday again 🙂